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Surgical Holding ArmsSurgical Holding Arms


Flex Arm Systems
Flexible Positioning With Adjustable Rigidity
Holds Virtually Any Instrument, Retractor or Scope
Reduces Hand Held Retraction
Minimizes Hand Held Scope Manipulation
Attaches to OR Table Rail
The Long Reach Systems
Expanded Modularity and Greatest Reach
Virtually Unlimited Angle Configurations
Nathanson Retractor “Strongarm” Systems
Complete Set for Nathanson Liver Retraction
Ideal for Bariatric Procedures
Nathanson Hooks Hold the Entire Liver
Strongarm Systems
The Ultimate in Adjustable Rigidity
Single Arm Systems Hold Scope or Instrument
Twin Arm Systems Can Scope Instrument
One Tightening Knob Locks All Three Joints of the Strongarm
Quick Disconnect Feature Accommodates a Variety of Attachments
Made in USA from 100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

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