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Retractable Single Use Safety ScalpelRetractable Single Use Safety Scalpel

Retractable Single Use Safety Scalpel

(Available in #10, 11 or 15 blade)




Retractable Saf-T-Scalpel:  Single use retractable safety scalpel featuring a fool-proof design to completely eliminate inadvertent sharps injury from scalpel blades during surgical and other procedures.


Fool-Proof Design - Spring loaded for ON-OFF feature; making sure the blade will not be paritally exposed and present danger to the staff.

Versatile - Weighted for surgeons' preference and non-weighted for all other applications

Safety - Dual retraction push buttons requiring the practitioner's fingers to be away from the blade during blade retraction for added safety.

Simple To Use - Activation is a simple push with the thumb until tabs latch.  Retraction requires pushing the two buttons simultaneously, therefore, there are no accidental retractions.

Stable - Unique finger stabilizing ribs on both sides (for right or left-handed person)

Color Coded - Slider color coded and blade number embossed on the rear cap for blade size identification.

More Safety - Audio-visual click for permanent locking of blade for final disposal.

Secure - Ribbed, slip-resistant finger grips for secure hold in wet gloved hands.

Scale - Ruler on one side of the scalpel